Sulfur chemistry

This study provides a better understanding on elemental sulfur mineralization processes and sulfur interactions with organic carbon in the environment. Nature Communications 7, 12812.

Making better catalysts for industry

STXM was used to better understand the zeolite behaviours in the process of fluid catalytic cracking.  Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2016 Sep 5;55(37):11134-8

Research on organic microfossils

  Exploring the impact of fossilization processes on biogenic molecular signatures. Nature Communications 7, 11977.

The spectromicroscopy (SM) facility at CLS has one beam line (10ID-1), enabling users to perform studies in the fields of polymer science, environmental science, and biological applications to novel material design and magnetic imaging. 


CLS-SM consists of an Apple II Elliptically Polarizing Undulator (EPU), a plane grating  monochromator (PGM), two branch lines, and two microscopes:


        Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscope (STXM)


        X-ray Photoemission Electron Microscope (X-PEEM)


List of Publications »

  • Andrews, Justin L.; Mukherjee, Arijita; Yoo, Hyun Deog; Parija, Abhishek; Marley, Peter M. et al. (2018). Reversible Mg-Ion Insertion in a Metastable One-Dimensional Polymorph .... Chem 4(3) , 564-585. 10.1016/j.chempr.2017.12.018.
  • Wu, Juan; Melo, Lis G.A.; Zhu, Xiaohui; West, Marcia M.; Berejnov, Viatcheslav et al. (2018). 4D imaging of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell catalyst layers b .... Journal of Power Sources 381, 72-83. 10.1016/j.jpowsour.2018.01.074.
  • Stuckey, Jason W.; Goodwin, Christopher; Wang, Jian; Kaplan, Louis A.; Vidal-Esquivel, Prian et al. (2018). Impacts of hydrous manganese oxide on the retention and lability of di .... Geochemical Transactions 19(1) . 10.1186/s12932-018-0051-x.