About SM

The CLS SM facility is now in full operation with a vibrant general user program. The beamline provides high brightness, well resolved photons from 130 - 2500 eV, to the STXM and PEEM end stations. Its source is an elliptically polarized undulator (EPU) which can rotate the direction of linear polarization continuously from -90° to +90° and provide  fully circular (130 – 1000 eV) and elliptically (1000 – 2500 eV) polarized light for static and dynamic magnetism measurements via XMCD. STXM  provides high quality imaging and spatially resolved spectroscopy with 30 nm spatial resolution. Wet and dry samples have been measured. Devices for tomography, in situ magnetic fields up to 5kG,  and measuring samples under controlled humidity conditions are available.  X-PEEM is a commercial X-ray photoemission electron microscope capable of better than 50 nm spatial resolution on appropriate samples. Currently it is configured in X-ray absorption mode which provides high sensitivity and a sampling depth of ~10 nm.  There is a UHV  preparation chamber attached to X-PEEM which includes several evaporation ports, a quartz crystal micro balance, ion sputtering and a LEED/Auger system.