Preparing for beamtime


Permits and Training 

  1. When accepting your shifts from the user office, check that all the samples that you intent to run are listed in the permit. Else, make a permit amendment.  Samples not listed in your permit or proposal will not be allowed to be run at the beamline.
  2. Review the beamline and STXM or PEEM manuals before your beamtime.
  3. If you are a first time user to CLS or if your traning has expired, make arrangement with the user office to complete the required training prior to beamtime.  This traning usually takes about 1. 5 hours.
  4. The beamline safety orienation for new users takes about 20 min and will be done at the beginning of your beamtime.
  5. The beamline staff normaly plans to meet your group at the starting of the beamtime. But if you need help to prepare your samples prior to beamtime, please make arrangement with the beamline staff in advance.

Samples and Sample Preparation

  1. Samples on TEM grids or Si3Ni4 windows only will be allowed to be mounted on the sample plates at the beamline.
  2. All other samples should be temporarily stored and sample preparation has to be done at wet or dry labs prior to bringing to the beamline.  Please talk to the beamline staff for the details on how to handle the samples and sample preparation.
  3. No sample will be allowed to be stored at the beamline at the end of your beam time. Please make sure you take all your samples when you leave CLS after your beam time.